About us

atlantis is a modern and dynamic company providing professional services in the field of ICT technology distribution and software development. We are a company with direct contact with ICT technology manufacturers on the one hand and in-house software development on the other.

For the implementation of the services we provide, we use only top technologies with which we have long-term experience. For example, in the field of enterprise communication systems, we started cooperation with our exclusive supplier of enterprise communication technologies (today Mitel , Canada/France/Germany/Sweden) already in 1993. Another key and exclusive supplier in the field of Unified Communications Polycom (USA) is number 1 worldwide in the field of video conferencing. Aruba Networks (USA) is number 2 worldwide in Wi-Fi infrastructure. Riverbed (USA) is #1 in WAN acceleration and Application Performance. Other important suppliers are AirWatch (number 1 in the MDM market), Brickcom (professional camera systems), Honeywell (mobile terminals), Panasonic (Mobile Computing - ToughBook series ), Reichle de- Massari , Datwyler (structured cabling), Fluke (cable measurement), Zyxel ( xDSL technology, security), AudioCodes (IP gateways), Jabra (accessories for UC technologies). The global providers of ICT technologies Microsoft, IBM and HP are also essential partners for us, not only from the point of view of the solutions they provide, but especially thanks to the ecosystem of cooperation that these companies build directly and with our suppliers on a global level, as these global providers ICT chose them for common integrated solutions in their portfolio!

But part of our strategy is the constant development of our portfolio, so we are always looking for new advanced and sophisticated solutions and technologies on the global market that could be beneficial to our customers.

Another important aspect when choosing components and suppliers for our solutions is the necessity of a direct relationship with the given manufacturer. We do not buy key products in the Czech Republic, but import them ourselves directly from the manufacturers. This allows us to constantly reduce the costs necessary for the use of top ICT technologies. We also have direct access to high-quality technical support of the manufacturer, and last but not least, we have the opportunity to contribute with our suggestions to the improvement of the products and services of these manufacturers.

However, we are not just a supplier of ICT infrastructure and services, but have our own teams of developers who develop complex applications for our customers in the Czech environment, which is mainly based on our expertise in the field of communication technologies.

With a loyal network of reliable partners including service providers (telecommunications operators), system integrators and specialized dealers, we serve customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We work with telecommunication operators and help them identify and implement product strategies in the market and drive growth in the field of sales of ICT technologies. We help resellers and system integrators of all sizes at every stage of the sales cycle, including providing technical support afterwards. In cooperation with the sister company atlantis software, we provide custom software application development and ensure the integration of software applications into the customer's environment and their business processes, including uniform integration with communication technologies.

We search for and test new technologies and solutions that can become your competitive advantage tomorrow. We are intensively deepening our own knowledge in order to better advise you. We provide first-class service to our customers. With the delivery of the equipment, our relationship with the customer does not end, but begins. We try to make the proposed solutions for our customers as close as possible to the objective opinion of an independent consultant in the field of communication technologies.

We shorten the journey from producer to user and carefully control our own costs involved in this journey to help you reduce yours.

We value our customers.

Product portfolio

  • Business communication systems and IP telephony
  • Contact centers
  • Videoconferencing systems and Telepresence
  • Unified Communications
  • Headsets and accessories for Unified Communications
  • Conference facilities
  • Voice and multimedia servers (IVR, TTS - text-to-speech systems, ASR - speech recognition systems, Unified Messaging , Fax servers)
  • Telephone terminals and accessories
  • Management and supervision of corporate communication networks
  • Applications for computer-controlled telephony (CTI - Computer Telephones integration 

Own operated services

  • Provision of infrastructure as a service (telephony, contact centers, video conferencing services, network infrastructure, etc.)
  • Providing software as a service

Software development

  • Custom software development
  • Application for processing client requests and integration with internal information systems ( iCC platform )
  • Contact centers for regions, cities and municipalities ( CitiHelpDesk )
  • Contact Center ( FrontStage )
  • Call recording ( SmartRecord )
  • Dispatcher and broker workplaces ( ProBroker and ProDispatcher )
  • Reliable dispatch centers for taxi, transport and forwarding ( ProTaxi )
  • CRM implementation (Microsoft Dynamics)

Professional services

  • Consultations, analyzes and audits
  • Design, implementation and installation
  • Project management
  • Administration, technical support and service
  • Outsourcing
  • System integration of communication systems with information systems (CTI – Computer Telephones integration)
  • Financial services